Experimental Trance - May 2024

Do you want to increase your personal confidence working with Trance Mediumship or Trance Healing?

Working with the healing power of love and Spirit, experiment with both Trance Mediumship and Healing in various altered states of consciousness for Trance Speaking and Trance Healing with integrity, and in a safe and loving space.

Experience and observe Trance Power and explore your own ability to work with Spirit in a deeper way.

Click ’more’ for full course details, downloads and booking facility.  Course numbers are limited to ensure a safe and intimate environment - book now to secure your place!


9D Breathwork - April 2024

Join me, Karen Goddard, on the English Riviera for a weekend retreat, and embrace your fabulousness !!

9D Breathwork is an experience that takes you on a unique, personal journey of discovery that goes beyond conventional healing and wellness therapies.

This is a multi-sensory experience - touching and traversing your deepest consciousness, and emotional tapestry - giving you insights and experiences that facilitate subconscious reprogramming and improved mental wellbeing and self love.

Come have some fun...  this retreat is going to be a good one!


Soul Pathways Weekend

This is an incredible opportunity for you to meet and work with Paul Williamson, a highly experienced Past Life Regressionist, trauma therapist and twelve times author who resides in Australia. 

Torbay is blessed to have the opportunity to welcome and host both Paul and his partner, Dee Gutierrez, as part of their 2024 UK tour. 

Dee herself is a highly experienced Evolutionary Astrologer, spirit channel and healer and we’re delighted they’ve chosen Torbay as the venue for the South West.


Going Deeper with Awareness & Mediumship

Paul Brereton and Christine Mathews are here at Gresham Court for a weekend of workshops on Saturday and Sunday, May 25th/26th.

Join us for one or both days where you will learn to increase your Spirit and Energy awareness, and improve your mediumistic abilities.  Suitable for beginners and more experienced mediums.