The Gresham Bar & Lounge

Gresham Court boasts a beautiful bar and lounge area - decorated with more than a hint of Art-Deco, beautifully inviting and substantially stocked with beers, wines and spirits.  Cocktails are on the menu too! 
Our bar area is an ample 20sqm.  Sometimes doubling up as a glamorous breakfast room, or cream teas venue, this is a comfortable and inviting space.  We have had a lot of fun enhancing its original features and bringing back that touch of glamour that we associate with the early 20th Century.

Classic Cocktails

We pride ourselves in serving classic cocktails in the style of the early 20th century.  Many of these cocktails emerged out of the prohibition days of the USA - cocktails being the perfect disguise for liqueur!

You will not get the modern-day glitz of smoke, umbrellas and sparklers - but you will get a genuine taste of the glorious Jazz Age of the 1920's.

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